The Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services (UK)
Data: 11/26/2010

This Insight examines the evidence around the effectiveness of reablement services.

Key points

  • Initial research findings suggest reablement is an effective and cost-effective alternative to traditional homecare
  • Evaluations reveal improvements in the health of people using services and show high levels of recipient satisfaction with the service
  • Reablement has been shown to work best when staff are fully trained; receive ongoing management support; have sufficient flexibility over the duration and content of visits; and are working in multi-disciplinary teams
  • Studies suggest that any transfer of provision for individuals from local authority reablement services to independent providers should be carefully handled in order to minimise disruption to service users
  • A longitudinal study due for publication at the end of 2010 is expected to provide conclusive evidence about the impact and effectiveness of reablement services