Social Service Improvement Agency (UK)
Data: 11/19/2015

The purpose of this resource document is to assist in providing equity in principles, values, skills and knowledge to be achieved in providing Reablement Services for people living at home in Wales with memory problems or a dementia. It is not intended to be a document to inform strategic direction. It aims to provide practical and operational support to enhance service development, including where any current provision may partly meet some or all of the standards. Established Welsh reablement services for individuals with poor physical health will have already developed standards of good practice. There will be cross-cutting issues and themes between working with people with physical disabilities and those with poor mental health. A reablement model enables individuals and their informal carers to achieve good outcomes supporting individuals to live independently and well at home. The model focuses on what people ‘can do’ rather than what they ‘can’t’, providing opportunities for them to identify what they want to achieve. The increasing numbers of adults experiencing memory problems or a dementia estimated by the Alzheimer’s Society and Diverse Cymru3 cannot be ignored. Radical changes are required to enable them to live well at home. Current Welsh reablement services for people with memory problems or a dementia are supporting individuals based on their needs and strengths. These services have demonstrated success in supporting individuals to become independent of services via a reablement programme. They recognise that reablement will restore and maintain existing skills for individuals who will not go on to achieve complete independence. The Position Statement on Reablement in Wales (2013) provides information on the provision and promotion of Welsh reablement services. It refers to Sustainable Social Services for Wales (Welsh Assembly Government 2011) and the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act (2014) promoting reablement services. This resource document has had the benefit of contributions from individuals and informal carers with knowledge and experience of a reablement service for people with memory problems or a dementia, professionals from statutory and third sector organisations.